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This is the only rating community that fucking matters.

This is where you will be tested on your love of all things professional wrestling.

This is how we do it:

  • Immediately after joining, you must post an application. This application will be in three parts:
    PART THE FIRST: A top-ten list consisting of your ten favorite wrestlers Of All Time. The only limitation here is that they must be from a federation that everyone's heard of. Don't bullshit us by listing your friend's backyard fed or some regional group that nobody's heard of.
    PART THE SECOND AND THIRD: Two top-five lists. These are essentially "free-for-alls". All you have to do is come up with a category and list your five top picks Of All Time for these categories. Again, don't try to bullshit us.

  • Fake journals will be escorted from ringside and beaten.

  • You may not post on any application other than your own until you are accepted.

  • If you post in a thread other than your own without being approved, we will kill you.

  • That's essentially it. Now get in there and show us what you've got.

    Your moderator is hooper_x. He reserves the right to ban you at any time if he doesn't like you or make you a co-moderator if he DOES like you. He's just that awesome.